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  • Monday, 03/09/2012 | 07:55

    Vinh Phat Engineering Company with specialized skills in the fields of electrical, automation, refrigeration, lightning protection, fire alarm ... We have the equipment and specialized software for specific applications of clients. We provide technical services and maintenance electrical systems, refrigeration, fire alarm, fire protection and sercurity system for customer.

    Monday, 03/09/2012 | 05:50

    With high quality, professional and experience engineers, who understand the reality of the 
    customer. We advise the appropriate solution for each requirement to achieve the highest 
    efficiency at the beginning, to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses arising out of the plan.

    Monday, 03/09/2012 | 03:48

    Vinh Phat Engineering Company finish Projects & Services by coordinating all our skills and

    competencies and with knowledge and experience in key industries, with a lot of experiences and

    professional staff.