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    Wednesday, 25/11/2015 | 04:13

    American journalist who was executed as brave and funny

    Steven Sotloff, American journalists Monday rebels were executed Islamic State, best known approach to the Middle East situation humorous writing style and be friends, relatives described as brave, funny.

    Journalist Steven Sotloff. Photo: EPA.

    "My son is a journalist, to the Middle East to report on the suffering of the people of Islam at the hands of the tyrant," Shirley, mother of Steven Sotloff journalist, said in the video appeal Drop son sent to rebel groups Islamic State (IS) last week. "I pray for the mercy and do not punish my son for the problems that it can not control." Sotloff reporter's mother said he was a journalist and is not responsible for the policies of the American government.

    With a deep understanding of history and Middle Eastern culture, Sotloff, claiming to be "positive philosophers from Miami", has written articles for magazines such as Time, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy and World Affairs Journal.

    "Sotloff reputation as an honest and insightful report, an attempt to understand the story from the perspective of local and what is reported to detect frankly," the World Affairs Journal said.

    Editor David Kenner of Foreign Policy documents say he will remember Sotloff, "a talented journalist and brave." Tom Coghlan colleagues Sotloff described as "an excellent writer and journalist virtue".

    Sotloff friends also share intimate memories with some bad press. An academic writing on Twitter under the name Entropy Sotloff that is "close friends, like to joke, a funny teammate and fellow brave".

    "I can not dismiss Steven Sotloff images are playing out of his head. #ISIS We can not win by inducing fear, prevents our job," Janine di Giovanni, editor Middle East Newsweek magazine, who worked with Sotloff in Syria, wrote.

    Other colleagues urged the public to remember about Sotloff by his work, not through video executions. "Let us stop, honor, remember and talk about Steven Sotloff. Keep talking about his humanity and reject those who do not want to recognize it," Nick Shifrin correspondent of Al Jazeera newspaper wrote.

    Freelance journalist Ben Taub said Sotloff has suspended plans coverage but still want a last post about Syria. "He said that was pursuing a story but did not disclose the details," Taub wrote in The Daily Beast last month."Sotloff is experienced, careful and speak Arabic. Said he had enough things necessary."

    Sotloff 8/2013 kidnapped in May near the city of Aleppo, northern Syria, and appeared in the video of American journalist James Foley decided by IS posted on 19/8. IS Sotloff warning will be the next victim beheaded if Barack Obama constantly mopping up forces in Iraq. Rebel Group yesterday announced Sotloff video executions, more than a year after the journalist was kidnapped in Syria.

    As Tam (according to AFP )