Friday, 03/10/2008 | 03:45

    Today, the application of technology solutions to business and production activity is no longer strange to many businesses. Because of the incredible efficiency that technology brings, that most manufacturers are racing to invest to increase the competitiveness of their products. However, how to invest effectively the maximum cost savings is an issue that many firms are interested.

    Vinh Phat Company E was born in 2008, specializes in consultancy, providing products, solutions and services for electric motors, electronics, fire alarm system, computer network system ... with a mission to provide power solutions, electronics, IT effectiveness. We have researched and implemented many projects and a growing number of major customers.

    The typical customer uses the services of Vinh Phat in recent years, such as Indochine Procter & Gamble, Nestle Viet Nam, Lavie, Intel, ...

    In addition, we also cooperate with many prestigious brands to bring these products, the best solution for customers like Schneider Electric, ABB, Omron, Siemens, Rockwell, Eaton, Bosch, Panasonic, Menekes, AMP, Systy- mex, Nexan, LS cables, Rittal, Honeywell, Hochiki, Kumwell, CABLOFIL, Daikin, ....

    Vinh Phat Electrical Engineering constant research and innovation, we appreciate the cooperation and proud of its past achievements.

    We are confident that with the motto to humans, experience and wisdom, Vinh Phat Company E will contribute well to the development of your partners, customers.


    Vinh Phat Company E is a supplier of electrical equipment, electronics, refrigeration, fire protection market leading in Vietnam. As an official distributor of leading brands of power equipment: Schneider Electric, ABB, Omron, Siemens, Rockwell, Eaton, Bosch, Panasonic, Menekes, AMP, Systymex, Nexan, LS cables, Rittal, Honeywell, Hochiki, Kumwell, CABLOFIL, Daikin, ... ..


    Electrical Engineering Vinh Phat Company offers customers a total solution in power distribution systems, control and industrial automation, refrigeration systems, heating systems, lightning protection systems, fire alarm systems system and CCTV network include: design Consultancy, project Implementation and technical Services troubleshooting.


    Our task is to become a leading company in the field of electrical supply equipment, solutions and technical services by providing high quality products and ensure reliability with cost flexible and competitive pricing. And services meet the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.


    Becoming a business providing electrical solutions, electric auto top Vietnam.


    Creating the optimal technology solutions help manufacturers save production costs and improve product quality. Improving the quality of life for workers and company employees to contribute to building a prosperous society and civilized.


    Take customer satisfaction as the guideline for all services and solutions that the company made. Products supplied by customers is the top-quality products. View relatives clients.


    Confidence, customer satisfaction is our most important and is something we always aims to:
    Product development, continuous improvement to offer products and highest quality services. Each partnership opportunities with customers is an opportunity for us to implement this commitment.